Understanding Life - Part 1 of 3

Listen to all three khutbahs of Sheikh Atef's series "Understanding Life," based on a story by Imam Al-Ghazali, a discourse of a student's profound thoughts on the realities of this life evoked by deep reflection of verses from the Qur'an. There are many lessons for us all in this story and the khutbah series.  

Eternal Bliss

"And your Lord will say, 'Ya ahlal jannah, assalamualaikum! - Oh people of paradise, peace be unto you!'"

- Sheikh Atef reigniting faith with visions of Eternal Bliss in this unforgettable khutbah from Ramadan. 

Accepting God's Will

How does one accept Allah's Will when things aren't going one's way? In this khutbah from last Friday, Sheikh Atef discusses Divine Will, contentment, and gratitude to subtly but effectively shift our paradigm from our disappointed hopes to the countless blessings Allah Karim has bestowed on us.