Juma’a prayer is held every Friday at the Islamic Center at 1:10 PM.  Six- to seven-hundred men and women gather in the ICP prayer hall for Friday prayers every week, with additional space in the lower level.

Wudu (ablution) areas are in the lower level for women and past the shoe racks in the main lobby for men. 

Parking is limited.  You may park on Fridays on Bigelow Boulevard, Tennyson Avenue, Parkman Avenue, and Lytton Avenue with a parking variance displayed in your car. Parking variances are available in the main lobby of the ICP and can also be downloaded on the home page.  The Parking Variance does NOT permit you to park for free at the metered parking spots or in front of fire hydrants.  Please remember to be respectful to our neighbors and do not block their driveways. 

Lunch is sold every Friday after Juma’ah except during Ramadan.  All proceeds benefit the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh.