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Evaluation *
Please select the most appropriate response to the questions below, based on your personal experience.
The registration and tuition-payment process was communicated clearly to me.
The registration and tuition-payment process was straightforward and easy.
The Islamic Center of Pittsburgh administration was helpful and courteous.
Class times were convenient and appropriate.
Class times established at the beginning of the course were maintained throughout, with few (if any) cancellations.
The course objectives laid out at the beginning of the course were achieved.
The language skills I gained met my expectations.
Class time was fully utilized by the instructor.
Course materials (if any) were useful and helped solidify my understanding of the topics discussed.
The instructor was engaging.
The instructor was knowledgeable and his teaching style was effective.
The instructor took the time to help clarify any topics that were confusing or difficult.
Evaluations (quizzes or exams) were fair and appropriate.
Tuition was fair and reasonable given the amount of instruction I received.
I would recommend this course to my family and friends.
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