SATURDAY APRIL 25, 2015, 1PM - 10PM

“My classmates call me a terrorist.”
“I’m afraid to tell my parents about my girlfriend.”
“My friends started smoking weed when we were hanging out and...”

These are all real struggles that many of us are faced with, as youth and as parents, every single day. The pressure to fit in, get good grades, maintain familial relations and stay true to our faith as Muslims can sometimes overwhelm us to a breaking point.    

How can we reconcile all these very strong and often oppositional forces on the minds of our youth, and raise them to be balanced in both their faith and their cultural identity as American-Muslims?

The Youth Expo is a city-wide initiative among the Islamic Centers around Pittsburgh to host a day-long festival on April 25 of workshops, discussions, and lectures exclusively geared towards addressing many of these issues.  A key component will be a panel of imams and experts from across the Pittsburgh area addressing taboo topics facing the Muslim youth: drugs, alcohol, gender relations, sexual orientation, pornography, marriage, and much more, inshaAllah.

In addition, we’ll have games, competitions, talent shows, and other fun activities for all ages, childcare services, snacks and meals, and a bazaar for vendors to sell their goods.   

The Youth Expo is a groundbreaking initiative and the first-ever event of its kind in Pittsburgh; we hope that families throughout Pittsburgh will come out in numbers to take advantage of the resources at the table, and to support this very important effort to reach out to and empower the Muslim youth in a fresh and exciting new way.  At the same time, we pray this serves as a perfect opportunity for the Muslim youth to connect with other Muslim peers across the city, forge some friendships, and to simply chill out in the Masjid.

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Co-hosted by: Attawheed Islamic CenterMCCGP - Muslim Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh, Nur Az-Zaman, and CAIR-Pittsburgh