Some members of the ICP were wrongfully ticketed by an employee of the Parking Authority last Friday, December 19 during Juma'ah prayer. ICP staff were informed of this by community members, so we quickly followed up with our connections in the City Council. We are having all the tickets that were wrongfully issued repealed, which means you won't have to contest or pay for those tickets. 

If you believe you were issued a ticket wrongfully, please send a clear picture of your ticket to, and we will see if you are eligible to have your ticket repealed.  We need a copy of the ticket, otherwise we cannot have it repealed and you will be liable to pay.

Please bear in mind, however, that those who parked without a variance, in front of a driveway or fire hydrant, and/or at metered parking spaces without paying will not have their tickets repealed, because those areas are not covered by the variance. 

We thank you for your continued cooperation in parking with care and respect for our neighbors. 

-ICP Staff