This is the Impact Circle.  We have games, workshops, debates, exercise, and other fun-tastic stuff. It’s a space to chill out with your friends, and we have the coolest people out there to help you understand what Islam is all about!

The Impact Circles provide youth with essential Islamic principles, knowledge and leadership skills in a relevant, engaging way. This is where we are creating tomorrow's Muslim leaders today! We want our message ringing out loud and clear: Islam is awesome. Islam is cool. Above all, it's the sole purpose for which we were created. So let's go out there and live it. Eventually we'll turn the wassups into wasalams!

Please note: Registration is required for youth aged 18 and under.  Those who haven't registered and are not accompanied by a parent or guardian will not be permitted to participate.  There will be no exceptions. Please register for the Impact Circles by clicking on the button below. 

For questions or concerns, please email impactleague@icp-pgh.org.

WHERE:  ICP (4100 Bigelow Blvd, Pittsburgh PA 15213)
WHEN:   Every Saturday after Isha prayer, starting November 8th, 2014
WHO:   Mainly for the youth, but it’s open to anyone and everyone
HOW:  Registration is required. Please click on the button below to register.
YOU NEED:   Your brains, your ears, and a few friends!

The Impact Circle - Creating Tomorrow's Leaders Today