Thank you for your interest in Iftar Sponsorship.
With the help of our generous sponsors, the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh provides complimentary iftar throughout Ramadan, serving 100 to 500 people every night of the blessed month.  
The ICP accepts partial sponsorships (of any amount) and full iftar sponsorships.
 Full sponsorship options are as follows: 

Sponsor Catering Dinner ICP - Sponsor is responsible for bringing all food from outside of the ICP.  ICP will only provide: dates, juice, water, paper products and cleaning services.

** Sponsor Cooks at ICP – Sponsor is responsible for purchasing, preparing and cooking all food on site. ICP only provides: dates, juice, water, paper products, full use of kitchen equipment and cleaning services. ICP does not provide ingredients for the iftar.

*** Sponsor Provides All - ICP will not provide: food, drinks, paper products, utensils; ICP will only provide clean up following dinner. 

Please note all payments are due at least five days before the scheduled date. If payment is not received, on time, your date will be given to another donor.  

We thank you for your donations and sponsorship during this blessed time.  JazakumAllah khair.