When super-villains plot to destroy the world, the residents of Pittsburgh call out to our cool, new ICP youth club, The Impact League, to save the day!

The driving force behind the Impact League is to better engage and educate the Muslim youth of Pittsburgh so that they will be adequately equipped to become the leaders of the next generation, inshaAllah. As we like to say it, we’re saving the world by building one superhero at a time.

We're planning a ‘Day of Awesomeness’ on August 22 to kick-start the initiative, for a day filled with sports and activities, including City-wide soccer and ultimate rugby tournaments, ending with a pizza social and a halaqa that’s specifically geared towards the youth.  Winners get to take home the ultimate Day of Awesomeness prize to show their friends and families.

We'll be meeting up at the ICP after Juma'ah before going to a local Pittsburgh park.  Please indicate in the form below whether you will be available to provide transportation from the ICP to the park.

Please make sure you register below so that we have an accurate head count to purchase enough supplies and food.  Grown-ups wanting to attend or help officiate can sign up, too!

Update: Check out a few pictures from the Awesome Day.  To view all pictures taken by the photographer that day, please visit this link.