The ICP Board of Directors held a special meeting on November 1st, 2014 to amend the by-laws of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh. The by-laws that were in place had a number of factual errors, contradictions, and policies that were outdated and ineffectual.

The ICP Board of Directors submitted these proposals to the community in order for the by-laws to reflect a healthier, more professional structure and work environment at the ICP. By-law amendments were posted in advance of the meeting, and a healthy discussion took place prior to the meeting, as well as at the meeting itself. We thank those community members who participated in the discourse and we will recommend those ideas for future discussions by the incoming administration, inshaAllah.

The votes were made with the continuing, long-term stability of our community in mind, inshaAllah. The vast majority of the members in attendance voted for and approved all the changes to be made, with the exception of one item: vote #8, which essentially stated that the meeting minutes of the Board should be made available by request of members to the Board secretary instead of being posted up at the ICP. We are glad to know that our community voiced its opinion on maintaining this level of transparency and accountability of the Board, and as such we will happily continue to post meeting minutes for the community to see inshaAllah.

On this note of transparency, we would warmly welcome any discussions, comments, and concerns on the new structure of the ICP by emailing us at We also encourage your participation in ICP meetings and discussions, which will regularly be posted up on the website and in our announcements, inshaAllah.

The approved and amended by-laws will be posted to the ICP website over the next few days, inshaAllah.

May peace and blessings be upon you,

-The ICP Board of Directors