Members of our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meet on the second Thursday of every month. These meetings are open to the public


Brother Ahmed Moore accepted Islam in the year 1972. He completed his hajj in the year 1990. He has been an active ICP Board member for the past 5 years. He currently sells real estate in the greater Pittsburgh Area and is a landlord in the area. He received his MBA from the University of Pitt and received his BS degree from Purdue. His vision for ICP is to stay in business by utilizing the community for support and success  


Niama Elharrak, originally from Morocco, have been an active member at ICP since 2001, she is married and has three kids who love ICP and consider it their second home. Sister Niama has been working as a registered nurse for 15 years and currently is attending graduate nursing school. Her Passion is seeing kids grow and be raised in a Muslim environment. She has been involved in the Education committee, Specifically the Sunday school and Summer Programs for many years. She believes in community involvement and contribution to be the best Muslims we are.

Sister Elaine Linn

Elaine Linn is an American born revert to Islam. She  is the Assistant Director for Academic Affairs at the Global Studies Center of the University of Pittsburgh and is the faculty advisor to the Muslim Student Association. She is also the executive director of the Consortium for Educational Resources on Islamic Studies (CERIS) a 31- member consortium of institutions of higher education and community organizations in Western PA and Ohio, housed at the University of Pittsburgh. Elaine and her husband and their three children have been an active members of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh since 1991.  

Brother Ahmad Arafat

Brother Ahmed Arafat is an IT professional who is a long time member of ICP. He believes that our various Islamic centers and mosques in Pittsburgh represent one of our communities most important assets and that all of us are responsible for supporting and safeguarding them. They enable us to grow strong in our faith, provide a nurturing environment for our kids, help those in need, and extend the peaceful message of Islam through outreach and collaboration with our surrounding communities.

Sister Lana Shami

Lana has been living in Pittsburgh for the past 14 years where she is serving her second three year term at her beloved ICP on the board of directors. She also served at the ICP Sunday School. She was raised in the diverse City of Bethesda, Maryland with her Syrian-Jordanian parents and two siblings. She has also lived in Austin, Santa Monica and Tampa. She graduated from University of Maryland/Towson State University and worked in IT in the District of Columbia for 20 years as a systems analyst, web developer, technical writer, then established Diversified Solutions Inc. She is currently residing in Mt.Lebanon where she is the mother of Ahmad, Aya, Layla and Omar.

Brother Mizanoor Biswas