Workplace Discrimination

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released two resource documents, in question-and-answer format, explaining federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination against individuals who are, or are perceived to be, Muslim or Middle Eastern. One Q&A is for employees, and the other is for employers. The Qs & As assist employers and employees in understanding their rights and responsibilities under the federal laws enforced by EEOC. The documents encourage proactive communication among employers and employees to prevent and correct discrimination.

Resource Documents

This form includes information about and examples of employer actions that may constitute discrimination on the basis of religion, race, or national origin. This technical assistance document also identifies steps employers can take to prevent and correct discrimination in the workplace. 

This form explains federal protections against discrimination based on religion, race, or national origin in hiring, discharge, and other terms of employment. This technical assistance document also explains the prohibition against harassment and gives examples of religious accommodation in the workplace.

for Employees: Workplace Rights of Employees Who Are, or Are Perceived to Be, Muslim or Middle Eastern

EEOC enforces federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination.  Further information about EEOC is available on its web site