Volunteering at ICP 


We all benefit from one another

Volunteers always appreciated….

Thanks to our talented and creative sisters who worked many hours to transform out social hall into a beautiful room worthy of any occasion.

ICP is always in need of volunteers. There is always something that needs to be done. Based on your interests and availability we can put you to work. Please email boardofdirectors@icp-phg.org or our Program Manager Mohammad Sajjad to find a job that suits you. We need help with Ramadan, Food Pantry, Community Dinners, visiting the sick, Sunday School, helping with landscaping and beatifying the building…. the list is endless. Also, if you want to start a program at ICP complete a form available on this website and submit to boardofdirectors@icp-pgh.org. The form addresses such issues as budget, space, etc.