Daily Ramadan Schedule

  • Daily Iftar Dinner After Maghrib Prayer

  • Daily Quran circle for Brothers everyday after Fajr

    • Group khatam sign-up for Sister's

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night Halaqa's (1 hour before Iftar)

  • Sunday Night youth Halaqa (30 mins before Iftar in the Social Hall)

  • 8 Raka Taraweeh Prayer everynight

    • Taraweeh gems short lecture after 4th Raka

  • Quran Quiz

Last 10 Days

  • Qiyam Prayer Last 10 night of Ramadan

  • Suhoor Last 10 mornings of Ramadan -- Click here to view availability

  • Itikaf Program last 10 days of Ramadan

Special Events during Ramadan

  • Humanity Day Award Ceremony- June 12th 7-9pm

  • ICP Ramadan Fundraiser- June 18th

  • ICNA Fundraiser- June 19th

  • New Muslim Iftar Dinner- June 25th

  • Youth Overnight Itikaf- June 25th

  • SAMS Fundraiser-June 26th

  • Quran Compeition- July 2nd 6-8pm

  • Free Clinic at Braddock Fundraiser- July 2nd

The month of Ramadan, in which the Quran was brought down, a guidance for the people, and clarification of the guidance and the criterion. Therefore, those of you who witness the month shall fast it. And those who are ill or travelling, then an equal number of other days. God wants ease for you, and He does not want hardship for you, and so that you may complete the count, and to exalt God for guiding you, and that you may be thankful.
— 2:185