Regular Educational Activities from the Imam

For all programs, attendance is free and open. While I consider the weekly khutbah to be the wakeup call to the heart, it is the weekly lessons which I give in a less formal manner, but more robust in content, where I aim to stimulate the mind and direct you to which actions are best to truly live by our faith in every sphere of our lives.

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Fajr Potluck Breakfast Club

Saturday mornings at fajr (morning prayer) time, I lead a brief khaatirah. This will usually be a series but may occasionally include unannounced topics. We recently began going over the 70+ branches of faith.

New Muslim Support Class

This is an ongoing weekly class and support group designed for new Muslim converts (or reverts as they are often called). We begin each class with a general word of advice, then asking if any questions came up during the week, and finally learning about a topic of Islamic faith, living and or history.

Non-Muslims are also free to “audit” the class and learn about the challenges new Muslims go through. Also, “old” Muslims who are returning to the faith of their forefathers are also greatly encouraged since they have a lot in common with converts as well and may find common ground in learning about the faith and applying it.

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Explanation of Sunan al-Tirmidhi

Join Imam Chris as he leads a tour through the great and famous work of hadeeth known as Jaami al-Tirmidhi.


I am in the process of preparing a variety of other regular duroos and traditional halaqahs in the subjects of history, tafseer and Arabic. I also hope to hold a variety of monthly, semi-annual and annual special programs and workshops, for the greater Muslim community, our youth, and also the community at large including our non-Muslim neighbors. With the Help of Allah first and above all, and then your support, volunteerism and suggestions, my programs can be more effective.