Imam Abdul Wajid 

Religious Director

Imam Abdul Wajid was born in Chicago,il. At a very young age, he memorized the glorious Quran at the acclaimed Darul Uloom in Buffalo, New York. Upon completion of the Quran, Imam Abdul Wajid started his pursuit of Islamic knowledge. He spent 6 years, where he completed his hadith studies under prominent scholars of fiqh and hadith following the traditional curriculum of Islamic education. He went on to do his master’s specializing in tafseer and in issuing Islamic legal verdicts (ifta) as well. He is actively involved with the youth, interfaith, outreach and dawah work. He is often invited to speak at colleges, universities and seminars. He also has interests in Islamic poetry, humour and sports.



Executive Director

Wasiullah Mohamed  grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania attended the University of Pittsburgh to earn degrees in Neuroscience, the History and Philosophy of Science, and Religious Studies.

He held several leadership positions in Pittsburgh including Founder/Executive Director of the Office of Pitt Serves’ Student Civic Engagement Council, Executive Board Director of the Resident Student Association, and Director of the Food Pantry Program at the ICP among others.

Hamza Perez

Youth Director

Hamza Perez is the founder of the YA-NE center and one of the co-founders of the Light of the Age Mosque in Pittsburgh PA. Hamza Perez was also ranked one of the top 500 most influential Muslims in the world in 2010 by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre for his work with youth. in 2009 PBS released an award winning film titled "New Muslim Cool" about his, youth programs and his community. In 2016 in Cotonou, Benin Hamza completed his studies at Sankore institute and he received ijaza in several classical text and the works of Shaykh Uthman Dan Fodio and his family. Hamza has been appointed as the Imam of Masjid Nur Uz Zamman and as a spiritual adviser for other communities in Hartford CT, and Springfield MA.  

Hira Mustaq

office Manager

A recent graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Business Administration and Human Resources, Hira is volunteering four hours M-F, with administrative support. She is the friendly voice when you call ICP for questions about programming, donations, etc.  Hira grew up in Monroeville where she graduated from Gateway High School. She volunteers with the Muslim Women’s Association, taught Sunday School at MCCGP, and served as a counselor for years at the Pittsburgh Muslim Youth Summer Camp.

Kelcey Sharkas

Director of Programming/ Outreach Coordinator /

Kelcey Sharkas is a third generation American, who found Islam in the year 2013. She graduated from Point Park University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She has presented Islam at multiple university, school systems, and religious institutions around the Greater Pittsburgh Area. She has increased her knowledge since her discovery of the beauty of Islam, and currently holds the position of Director of Programming and Outreach Coordinator at the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh.