Every Wednesday and Saturday Imam Abdul Wajid Hosts Halaqa Series. These series are open to the public and are created to help encourage the Muslim community to continuously strengthen their knowledge and education of their deen. If you have ideas of future topics for the Halaqa's please email Imam Abdul Wajid at imam@icp-pgh.org

Wednesday Halaqa: 40 Hadith of Imam An-Nawawi        Saturday Halaqa: Seerah of the Prophet (pbuh) 

Surely, Allah, His Angels, the inhabitants of heavens and earth, and even the ant in its nest, and the whale in the sea pray for him who teaches people virture
— -Messenger of Allah (pbuh) Reported by At-Tirmidhi
If one treads the path in order to seek knowledge, Allah will make easy for him the (way) to enter Paradise
— -Messenger of Allah (pbuh) Reported by Muslim